Our Story

Eagle Eye Produce had a humble beginning in 1996 when Newman Giles and his wife, Kathy, set up their first office in the laundry room of their home in Roberts, ID.

Twenty years later Eagle Eye Produce now ships over 1 billion pounds of premium, fresh produce to their customers, annually. That's equivalent to nearly 40,000 truckloads! All of this produce comes fresh from the thousands of acres that Eagle Eye Produce farms, along with its growing partners in North and South America, each year.

Our Vision

We strive to make your dinner fresher, tastier and more convenient.  Our innovative, delicious, simple meal solutions cut down on the timely preparation and clean up of your dinners without all of the additives and preservatives of our competitors.  Our premium vegetables are triple washed, and proudly grown on Eagle Eye Produce family-owned farms.